CaliGold Syringe


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  • 1,000 mg of highly potent distillate oil
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CaliGold Syringe

CaliGold Syringe Dablicators are designed for a precise application so you can dab your way. With 1,000 mg of highly potent distillate oil in a glass syringe, Dablicators provide the perfect dose, hit after hit.

Grape OG | Gelato | Tahoe OG | Clementine | Pineapple Express | Green Crack  | Girl Scout Cookie | OG Kush | Watermelon Sherbet

Grape OG, Gelato, Tahoe OG, Clementine, Pineapple Express, Green Crack , Girl Scout Cookie, OG Kush, Watermelon Sherbet


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